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  Some pictures of our little girl. I will try to update photos as much as possible. She changes so fast!!

The Easter Bunny left what?!?!

But I want the goose that layed the golden egg and I want it now!!

Are they supposed to be frozen?

This is cool! Permanent ink for the eggs!

ABBA auditions.

Looky what I got!

Almost pagent ready?

Ha! caught working the system!

Party time! Excellent!

MMmmmm Brownies!

That was soooo funny!


Can I put a pony on my Christmas list?

You lika da leader hosen ya?

Can a person's face freeze in this position out here?

Have you seen my tap shoes?

I'm ready for bed! and it's only 11:00!

Now isn't this a face you can trust mommy?

Just three more minutes and I'll be hacked into the mainframe!!

Eat your heart out Vannah!

Good job Poppop! Yep.. taught him everything I know!

Ahhh... a pillow and foot rest!

Post food festivities in action.

I'm not too sure about this great pumpkin guy.

You think this is the perfect one?

I'll kick that scarecrow's but!

Why is it when I take them out they get me tossed in the clink?

Get them treats ready!

WOW! Look at all this stuff!

Remember... you have to worry when there is silence.

I'm just smelling them.... trust me!

Me and my shadow.

Now where did I put that banana?

Apple quality control at work.

You're gonna make a bigger pile right?

Come on mom! Lets get these wheels rolling!

Ha! and this is BEFORE sugar!

Can I take this one home??

What would I do for a Klondike bar?

He makes a soft foot rest.

ready to unwind.... or wind up?

No really... I can jump from here.

Hmmm.. I wonder how I can blame this one on the dog?

HAHA! You're not really going to take my picture while I'm wearing these are you?

We hitting the road or what?

This thing is so cool!

Happy Birthday! She just turned 2!

You guys crack me up!

The art of shopping!

Got my poppop too!

I got my Mamam :)

Oooohhhh!! Brain freeze!

I must be part monkey!

Check out this sweet ride.

Time to party!!!

Time for the type writer trick.

Look ma, no hands!

Baby got shades.

Is there a common theme here?

Must... get... sleeep!


I crack me up!

See... I'm really a flower child!

Too cool for my own good.

Great Grammy Santor

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